Integrated sustainability makes it clear


Sustainable entrepreneurship means integrating social, environmental, economic sustainability into the core business model and to take the full responsibility for the impact of your own business. Another term is CSR, Corporate Social Responsibity.

The foundation for being able to take this responsibility is to clearly identify and formulate the business’ vision, values and goals. All the perspectives on sustainability need to be accommodated in the business idea.

Examples of sustainability services:

  • Getting Started with Sustainability
  • Situation Analysis
  • Facilitation of developing vision, values and business concept
  • Innovation for sustainability
  • Sustainable management system (eg ISO 26000, and ECG)
  • Verification of ISO 26000
  • Risk management
  • Responsibility in the supply chain
  • Suppliers in developing countries
  • Sustainable business models
  • Circular business model
  • Training of management teams, staff, suppliers

We show the way

We at Adlignum, have many years of experience in sustainability and guide you through the process of developing sustainability as a part of your core business model. Your current state, is always the starting point.

We also work closely with several other companies, which offer related services in the area of ​​sustainability. Adlignum is one of the founders and partners of  Hållbarhetsteamet (The Sustainability Team) and offer a wide range of sustainability skills. We are also the founders of the non-profit CSR Småland, whose goal is to integrate social and environmental concerns to businesses in the Småland Region.


One step at a time in the right direction

A good start is to identify good efforts and activities you already do. Communicating them increases understanding of sustainability and strengthens the company’s self-image and brand, both as an employer and to the public eye. 

Systematic sustainability work gives you a clear direction to reduce negative impact and increase positive impact. This enables faster decisions, shorter turnaround times and more satisfied employees. When being more sustainable, the company attracts new partners and is able to meet sustainability requirements from new customers and markets.


The work with Hagagruppen has meant that they have identified vision, values and implemented sustainability in their business model:

“Achieving sustainability in our company has developed both as a company and our business. Being a management team to work with a coach has been crucial in shaping the company’s long-term sustainability strategies and giving new thoughts and perspectives. “


Bernt-Arne Winberg, CEO Hagagruppen, Sweden