We tailor the leadership training according to the unique needs of each organization. We have cooperation with Folkuniversitetet in their courses in leadership.


Here are some of the courses that are popular:


Implemented leadership

Target group:

Middle managers and first-line supervisors


To develop a facilitative leadership approach and thus:

  • Becoming a more attractive workplace
  • Leading teams and individuals to develop and fulfill their potential
  • To exceed expectations in performance

Course design:

Three day workshops during three months, with individual coaching between every workshop


First workshop: Developing and leading employees (individual Focus)

Second workshop: To develop and lead the business/department

Third workshop: Developing and leading teams


The following courses are conducted together with Annika Hall, PhD, Expert on Ownership, Family Business succession, former Associate Professor at Jönköping University and consultant. Author of many books and academic articles.


Reflective Leadership, 1-2 days


  • Leadership “Inside and Out” Authentic Leadership: All Leadership derives from the leader. Leadership is primarily about leading oneself.
  • Self-reflection and presence as a basis for leadership
  • Systematic approach to leadership – one influences and leads through a conscious approach
  • Leadership and communication: It’s not about what you say but how you say it
  • Leadership as a relationship

Leading Change In A Strong Corporate Culture: How Do I Do As A Leader?


  • Introduction to corporate culture: What is culture, why important to understand, how does it link to leadership?
  • Introduction to leadership
  • Leadership is within the culture
  • How does the leader of the culture affect and influence?
  • How can leaders change a culture? (Resistance, meaning creation, vision)
  • Culture, leadership and change in different organizations and situations


Facilitative Leadership Development (in English in collaboration with The Swedish Winter Challenge in January each year)

3 days

Contains this and a lot more:

  • Understanding a coaching approach
  • Coaching tools to guide oneself and others
  • Interactive exercises

More details can be found in the attached PDF file.