International Business Development

A way to international business development

Sub-Saharan Africa has a high rate of growth with rapid technological development and decreasing poverty. An increasing number of African companies are mature for and seeking international collaborations, but there are still few Swedish companies in this market.


Adlignum has well-established collaborations and a large network of contacts on the African market. We act as a source of knowledge and create opportunities for international business development.


Partnership are designed in different ways and we tailor the match according to demands and conditions.


Swedish Winter Challenge

Programs and meeting places for education and inspiration

A successful program since 2013 is The Swedish Winter Challenge, where African and Swedish business leaders during an intensive week have training in leadership, coaching, etc. The participants visit and get to know Swedish companies and other actors, for inspiration and business cooperation. Read more in this PDF for detailed information about SWC 2019.

Since its inception, more than 80 entrepreneurs from many African countries have participated and we received very positive feedback. One of the participants was Rahila Majam from Nigeria, who runs the company Environmental Solutions with his husband. Here’s how she tells what SWC meant for them:

“For me the Swedish Winter Challenge was great. Before then, I was really not exposed to Business Mentoring/Coaching even after my 14 years working experience in a marketing company. For the first time, I started to see things differently through the principles of Mentoring & Coaching. Thank you Jenny & Co, thank you MBCI.”


Rahila Majam, Nigeria Environmental Solutions


A spin-off of the Swedish Winter Challenge is the Sustainable World Corporation, SWCorporation, a business network for value driven sustainable business development. This enables us to easily facilitate trade and other business activities between Sweden and Africa.