My name is Jenny Jakobsson and I am the founder of Adlignum.

My primary driving force as entrepreneurs is the joy of contributing to a sustainable change that leads to smarter, more efficient, attractive and competitive companies and organizations. Together with many skilled colleagues, we form teams aligned in capacity to the needs of our clients.


My background

After graduating from the Business School at Gothenburg Univeristy, I worked for many years within the SEB Bank in a various roles, including branch manager, corporate and finance adviser, many times connected to business development.


As International Head and Coordinator in the non-profit sector 2006-2012, I was responsible for complex international efforts in education, health care and organizational development in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.


Focus on sustainability

In Adlignum, which I am running since 2012, I use both the international experience as knowledge and experience from business and business development, coaching, organizational and leadership development. During this time, I have also built on my skills with a number of courses and education with a master’s degree in leadership in a global context.


The common denominator of the business is sustainability, both for individuals, groups and communities. With this focus, helping others find their full capacity and optimize their resources is the best I know!

Hållbarhetsteamet (The Sustainability team)

Jenny, together with Anna, Patrik and Mariana is Hållbarhetsteamet.


We get better together and have broad competence in all dimensions of sustainability: social, environmental and financial aspects. Together we have assignments in many parts of the country.

Anna, Mariana, Patrik and Jenny.


SWCorporation is a network of companies to build long-term, reliable partnerships between, in particular, small and medium-sized Swedish and African companies. Together with our partners in Africa, we create a broad network, geographically, professionally and competently.

SWCorporation team: Nils, Jenny and Sofia