Partner for sustainable development – CSR
We are passionate about sustainable development – for individuals, organizations and business partnerships. Through coaching, strategic business development and international collaborations, we contribute to responsible leadership, new partnerships and a better world.
Your development
We would like to join you as your partner on the development journey. We facilitate the process of finding the way forward to develop resources, create innovation and long-term sustainable competitiveness.
Your potential
Your capacity is great, together you can achieve something bigger. Your company’s hidden resources are great, along with your employees’ resources you become unbeatable. Our job is to create the opportunity to find your full capacity and use your resources optimally. The ultimate satisfaction for us is helping others to succeed !
Your possibilities
We coach companies to become competitive, efficient and innovative. Assisting customers to develop sustainability as a part of their core business is the most fun we know! We also offer the opportunity to enter the African market and gain access to African growth. We create the conditions as many positive effects as many as possible for each mission. Our network consists of global and local companies and organizations, and we combine competencies and individuals for the best results for our customers.
Jenny Jakobsson
Adlignum AB
CEO and Owner
+46 725 610104